Tackling the 30ft overhang

In preparing the house for painting, the time has arrived for one of the most daunting tasks at hand… fixing up the massive overhang. The overhang is a beautiful peace of architectural beauty that soars over the top level deck, over 30ft from the ground below. Unfortunately, after 20 years of neglect, the sun has beat the […]

A Second Life For Redwood Siding

It’s been over a year since we moved into our home and this entire time we assumed we had cedar siding on the house. Welp, turns out it’s actually redwood. How awesome… I don’t think we could have found a more Californian home in all of Minneapolis. Anyway, we’ve decided to renew the outside of […]

Wild kingdom

Little capture of some visitors in the back yard the other day. They keep eating our plants…

Revival of the Family Table

Nearly 40 years ago my parents coughed up the dough to have a butcher block table made top so they could have a fine table for the family to eat on. This table has a deep history for my brothers and I. Nearly every birthday party and family gathering revolved around this 5ft round, 2in […]

Weekend Workbench

In major need of a workbench, I set aside a Friday night and Saturday morning to put together a solid, stable workbench that could hold some of my tools, including the vise that’s been sitting in a box since last Christmas, and give me a clear area to get stuff done. With a bit of […]

One Year Later

It’s been a year since we stepped into an overgrown, creeping charlie ridden, buck thorn invested back yard. After some major cleanup and some gazebo building, she’s come around nicely. But don’t think it ends here. This was just the cleanup. Here’s what it looked like 365 days ago from the window.  

Baby Bedroom Complete

The child’s bedroom can be checked off the list. Aside from some artwork, she’s good to go. Remember what it looked like before?  

Sliding Shoji Panels

Within the hallway of our home we have three large windows that face directly into the neighbors. At one point in time, the lot was empty with trees… property which was owned by the owners at that time. Unfortunately, they decided to sell the lot in the 2000’s and someone built a restoration hardware dream […]

Getting crafty with the scraps

Sitting on this post for weeks, we were waiting for the stork delivery of our child before we told everyone the name of our new daughter. But before I do that, let’s see what what we can do with a pile of scrap wood from the shingles we put together for the Gazebo roof, shall […]

The baby’s tree

It’s been nearly a year to the day from we moved into our place, and to celebrate we purchased this little guy… a sculptured Japanese Juniper. We’re dubbing this the baby’s tree which will be here any day now. Kind of like a large bonsai, this little fella will continue to be trained and groomed. […]