Staining with a bit of flair

This weekend we took to finishing the gazebo flooring with a semi-transparent stain. It took a few trips to the hardware store to get the color we were looking and we finally settled on “Oxford Brown“… which I’m hoping makes us smarter when we sit inside it.  Since the treated lumber was fairly wet when […]

Gazebo Trimming

My dad left his router and box of bits over at my place and I’ve been trimming out the Gazebo with it. If you don’t know what routing or a router is, here’s your chance to find out. A router let’s you cut out decorative edging to a piece of wood. Router bits come in […]

Deck and Ceiling Woes

With a sudden infestation of fruit flyesque bugs, I traced them back to a spot in the ceiling of our master bedroom. This particular spot had prior water damage, however I had been hoping that the problem had been repaired. As it turns out, the majority of the plywood substrate is rotted out in the […]

Making way for the babay

With the flooring woes behind us, work has continued on the nursery. The next task at hand is to update the closet so it can accommodate a baby girl, who if lucky enough, will be living in this room into her early teens. The original closet was nothing more then a long shelf with a […]

Expect the Unexpected

With the chimney removal came some additional work. And by additional work, I mean black mold. Turns out they didn’t exactly do a bang up job when installing the chimney which led to a major leak in one of the bedrooms. We like to call this bedroom “the nursery”. So what do you do with […]

The Fireplace that was

Remember the wood burning stove on top of the 400lb piece of slate in the living room? Gone.

Creating a modern media center

As we began work on the loft area, I purposely ignored working on the media wall as I poured over numerous ideas on how to design it. Aside from spending thousands to build the entire area out, I wanted to figure out a way to continuing utilizing the existing shelves which I had redone. I […]

Kitchenette Progression

Major progress has been made in the kitchen area. The counter top, sink and appliances have all been installed. What remains after the tiling, is the top cabinets along with the door and sink hardware. We picked a Grohe Eurostyle kitchen faucet off of craigslist. We dig how the spout and lever are side by […]

Glass tile is sharp

Progress continued over the weekend as we finished tiling the kitchen back splash.  We found a great deal on some beautiful 1X1 glass tile that should work well with the light palette of the room. You can drive your self crazy making sure tile of this size aligns properly. Using a level and putting your […]

Rails & Bolts

With a dozen, 5″ bolts the railing has finally found a permanent home upon its perch. I’m fairly confident a 2 year old’s head won’t be able to squeeze through it…