Wild kingdom

Little capture of some visitors in the back yard the other day. They keep eating our plants…

One Year Later

It’s been a year since we stepped into an overgrown, creeping charlie ridden, buck thorn invested back yard. After some major cleanup and some gazebo building, she’s come around nicely. But don’t think it ends here. This was just the cleanup. Here’s what it looked like 365 days ago from the window.  

Staining with a bit of flair

This weekend we took to finishing the gazebo flooring with a semi-transparent stain. It took a few trips to the hardware store to get the color we were looking and we finally settled on “Oxford Brown“… which I’m hoping makes us smarter when we sit inside it.  Since the treated lumber was fairly wet when […]

Gazebo Trimming

My dad left his router and box of bits over at my place and I’ve been trimming out the Gazebo with it. If you don’t know what routing or a router is, here’s your chance to find out. A router let’s you cut out decorative edging to a piece of wood. Router bits come in […]

Deck and Ceiling Woes

With a sudden infestation of fruit flyesque bugs, I traced them back to a spot in the ceiling of our master bedroom. This particular spot had prior water damage, however I had been hoping that the problem had been repaired. As it turns out, the majority of the plywood substrate is rotted out in the […]


Here we are tossing in a vent for the new plumbing. Fun thing about it is when you’re installing, there’s no way to communicate other then to talk through the tube like two cans on a string. What’s even better is when  you’re dad connects it to the system without telling you so when you […]

Red Roof Inn

Remember that pile of red wood boards? That we planed and poly’d? Wala!  

The roof continues

Four of the six sides of the roof are done. Putting cedar shingles on takes a long time. It’s not so much the aligning and nailing, it’s cutting the angles at the end of each row that sucks up all the time.

From the top down

Over the last two weekends we prepped the redwood with an exterior poly and shingled the top tier to the gazebo. It’s looking really great. Check it out. The top tier is not done however. We still need to run coverings over the six edges and we need to decide what goes on the tippy […]

A Good Case of the Shingles

Annie and I swung up north over the weekend for a cabin retreat with the fam and managed to swing through Duluth to pick up cedar shingles for the gazebo. Now trying to find decent cedar shingles in the Twin Cities proved difficult, and I was pretty happy with what the Duluth Timber Company had […]