Do you like my new hat?

We spent the majority of Sunday creating the second tier for the Gazebo. There was a bit of math involved to get the angles and pitch just right, but we managed to get by just fine. The framing for it is all done, we just need to toss the sheathing on and we can get […]

The Garage Meets Photoshop (before & after series)

Switching gears from the Gazebo, we’ve been spending a bit of time mocking up revisions for the garage (and about 12 other things). I do these mockups by simply taking a photo and bringing it into photoshop. From there I do a bit of drawing/cloning/shadowing while frankensteining parts of other images. Most of the images […]

Raise the Roof

We completed phase 1 of the roof over the weekend. Next step is to design and create the second tier (the little hat that goes on top). After that we’ll toss the cedar shingles on the outside, the redwood on the inside. When that’s done it’s all just a matter of a little design polish.

Screwin and nailin

We framed the roof over the weekend and we’ll be tossing OSB up next. Right now the plan is to go with cedar shingles on top and run the redwood planks on the underside.

How much wood…

We picked up more lumber and will begin framing this weekend. The roof will be tiered and we’re in the process of deciding on what to roof with. Their might not be enuf redwood…

Frametown lady sing this song

With the weather finally getting out of the ball dripping 90’s we continued work on the gazebo this week. Dad came over, and with the help of Annie the three of us lifted the existing frame onto the dance platform.   The frame will get a bit of tightening then we’ll bolt it into the […]

Redwood and Red chicken

Tackled the wounded fence in the backyard over the weekend. It was a beast. So the entire thing is made out of redwood which we may end up reusing for the roof of the gazebo. Whatever we do with it, we’ve got a pile of it waiting for it’s second life. After that whole mess […]

Gazebo Theater

We’re making use of the Gazebo frame that was left behind in the back yard. The original had collapsed under the weight of the snow over winter. Dad and I built a platform for it over the weekend… however it looks more like a dance routine platform at the moment. Next week we’ll attach the […]

And we have arrived!

Hey… we bought a house! What better way to kick off the site then with the first photo we took of the place. Here’s Annie standing in front of the garage before we headed up the stairs.