Acacia Floor Party

Acacia Floor Party

Occasionally once or thrice I take a picture of a project I’m working on but it never makes it onto the internets. Last fall I leveled the floor in the new hallway where the solarium used to stand and put these acacia wood tiles in. It ended up looking. really neat. They hook together so they […]

Deck Party

Deck Party

It’s been a busy summer, but things have been getting done. It started with the atrium… Nearly 200 slats of red wood, planed and stained on both sides, gave us this… We also had that old, leaky solarium that was causing havoc inside and out And gave it a new life And that ant invested, […]

Fall! Get back here dammit…

With the beginning of winter rapidly closing in, we’ve decided to postpone staining the house until the Spring. That being the case, we finished up removing the slats from the overhang and I’ve tucked everything away so the snow doesn’t pummel it. Thing is, removing the slats was a bit nerve racking when it came […]

Tackling the 30ft overhang

In preparing the house for painting, the time has arrived for one of the most daunting tasks at hand… fixing up the massive overhang. The overhang is a beautiful peace of architectural beauty that soars over the top level deck, over 30ft from the ground below. Unfortunately, after 20 years of neglect, the sun has beat the […]

Staining with a bit of flair

This weekend we took to finishing the gazebo flooring with a semi-transparent stain. It took a few trips to the hardware store to get the color we were looking and we finally settled on “Oxford Brown“… which I’m hoping makes us smarter when we sit inside it.  Since the treated lumber was fairly wet when […]

Deck and Ceiling Woes

With a sudden infestation of fruit flyesque bugs, I traced them back to a spot in the ceiling of our master bedroom. This particular spot had prior water damage, however I had been hoping that the problem had been repaired. As it turns out, the majority of the plywood substrate is rotted out in the […]