We spent the majority of Sunday creating the second tier for the Gazebo. There was a bit of math involved to get the angles and pitch just right, but we managed to get by just fine. The framing for it is all done, we just need to toss the sheathing on and we can get down to the nitty gritty with design details.


The base of the tier on the platform and the decorative raiser in Pops hands.

Figure 1: How not to lift heavy objects

This next shot was a preliminary look at what the tier would look like. We determined that it was sitting to high and needed it to sit better on the roof. Sort of like a hat that’s too small, it needed to come down more. Once we got it back down we lowered it about 6″. As of right now it’s sitting on the ground waiting for the sheathing to be put on.

Hat test

Once we get the sheathing on, we will begin roofing. I’ve been pretty adamant about going with cedar shingles. According to my math, which I achieved by combining the area of each panel (area = 1/2 base X height X six) we’ll need about 150sq ft of shingles. Home Depot has cedar shingles in $40 bundles, with each bundle covering only 20sq ft. Ick. We’re going up north this weekend so I found a place in duluth that will give me squares (100sq ft) at $125. The place is called True North Cedar Inc.

Too much wood for my taste, but note the cedar shingles. Well done.

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