My dad left his router and box of bits over at my place and I’ve been trimming out the Gazebo with it. If you don’t know what routing or a router is, here’s your chance to find out.

Two clamps and a router ready to be put to use

A router let’s you cut out decorative edging to a piece of wood. Router bits come in all sorts of shapes and sizes.

Example of types of router bits

In my case, I have six, 8′ long pieces of cedar trim which will be aligned along the roof line. Because the pieces of trim are long, I needed to use two tables to lay the wood on and clamped them down so they wouldn’t move as I ran the router along their edges.

Routing the edge of the cedar trim.

There’s a ton of different types of router bits (check out this site.) Some can give you a simple rounded edge, while others can give elaborate, multi level indentation. They’re like paint brushes, each one has it’s good use. In my case, I went with a double edge indentation. In my case, it was all a matter of personal taste.

The routed trim up against the roof line of the gazebo




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