This weekend we took to finishing the gazebo flooring with a semi-transparent stain. It took a few trips to the hardware store to get the color we were looking and we finally settled on “Oxford Brown“… which I’m hoping makes us smarter when we sit inside it.¬† Since the treated lumber was fairly wet when we built the platform, we let it sit for a year to completely dry out. Before the stain was applied, I took the belt sander and lighting scuffed the top of the platform in a hopeful attempt to get a better patina.

Man I hope this works or I really effed this up...

The stain went on easy with a brush and we were pleasantly surprised with what we were ending up with. The wood grain was popping stronger in certain parts, giving it a beautiful look.

It's actually working...


Up close you can see the results of sanding the higher portions of the wood

With the base stained we are one step closer to wrapping up work on the gazebo. All that remains is wiring it up and finishing up the corner shingling on the roof.

Oh hey cool, I made a god damn carousel

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