It’s been over a year since we moved into our home and this entire time we assumed we had cedar siding on the house. Welp, turns out it’s actually redwood. How awesome… I don’t think we could have found a more Californian home in all of Minneapolis. Anyway, we’ve decided to renew the outside of the home and will have the entire thing stained in the coming weeks. We’re going to give it a strong refresh with a transparent stain and restore that beautiful, rich, golden stain look that was probably last done in 1991. As with every project in this place, we have a decent amount of prep work, starting with replacing damaged and broken siding. But where do you get redwood siding? Buy it for $4.95 a linear ft? Pffft. You steal it from the side of the garage.

Small pile of siding stolen from the garage.

First thing first, fixing the holes that were left over from the removal of the wood burning stove. I patched up the inside, Dicker helped with the outside.

Good lookin’ hole, why don’t we leave it?

After some grumbling and cursing, we got to work.

Easy stuff!

So that’s the first steps. More to come.

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