In preparing the house for painting, the time has arrived for one of the most daunting tasks at hand… fixing up the massive overhang. The overhang is a beautiful peace of architectural beauty that soars over the top level deck, over 30ft from the ground below. Unfortunately, after 20 years of neglect, the sun has beat the snot out of it, leaving boards warped and random nails sticking out in hard to reach places.

A difficult task at hand

Just like the siding, the overhang is all redwood. It consists of three rows of redwood slats, eighty-four to be precise. The slats them selves are in good condition, however a number of them have warped. Our task at hand is to run additional runners through the middle of them and straighten the thing out as a whole.

She’s in need of a little love. Notice the loose boards and nails.

The slats slide into 45 degree grooves which were routed along 2X12’s on their sides. Our thinking is we can run boards up the middle, grooved out in a similar fashion. First and foremost, however, is to get up there and clean up the mess.


I’m not going to lie, walking around on top of that thing, 40ft above the ground definitely had me thinking I should buy that Will making software sooner then later. But after 20 minutes of prying and hammering, I slowly morphed into a crafty tree monkey. I removed a few slats here and there so I could get in and out of it easier.

Preparing for my 1 1/2 summersault tuck.

At this point in time, I’ve got about 75% of the nails and boards cleaned up. I’m going to wait for Pops to come over and tend ladder so we can get to the very edges of this sucker and clean those up. Once we get that done, we’ll begin the process of straightening out the bent slats.

Grooves for the slats. Groovy.



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