With the beginning of winter rapidly closing in, we’ve decided to postpone staining the house until the Spring. That being the case, we finished up removing the slats from the overhang and I’ve tucked everything away so the snow doesn’t pummel it. Thing is, removing the slats was a bit nerve racking when it came to setting up a 30ft ladder on the roof. Needless to say, we pulled it off.

To make it even funner, Pops shakes the ladder and cackles.

Some of the slats may need to replaced as they’ve warped severely in the sun. The idea is to stack them up and toss some cement blocks on them to see if they’ll straighten out over winter.

See ya slats!

And there you have it, the last outdoor project for 2012. The fun doesn’t stop there however. The Chalet has always closely resembled houses in Northern Cali, and on a recent trip out west we began gathering ideas for the outside of the home.

At the front gate of Endor

I’ve probably been in Muir Woods (redwood forest) over 50 times. It’s always reminded me of a magical fake forest  that really shouldn’t exist. The type of place that can only be made on a movie set. The type of feeling that you get when you eat a grape popsicle… it’s fantastic, but in reality grapes really don’t taste anything like it. Anyway, next summer we will be creating wood paths in the backyard and we picked up a few inspirations from Mr.Muir’s builders.

Organic and simple

Quiet and peaceful


One day we’ll build a water wheel and mini bridge

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