Thanks for the wool, New Zealand

With the walls completely finished in the front portion of the house we were finally able to rip up the old carpet on the second landing andĀ in the second bedroom, which is my office. We installed a some beautiful (and expensive) New Zealand wool carpets from Godfrey Hirst called “Carramar”. This stuff feels like someone took a flock of sheep and nailed them to the floor. It’s fantastic.

On top of that, I was able to find it at nearly 1/2 the cost of most places from a place in Dalton, GA. Evidently, this is where the majority of carpet from New Zealand comes in and it just so happens that there is a freight train line that runs from Dalton straight to Minneapolis, so for only $25 we had the carpets shipped.


Carrying 12′ rolls of 90’s stink down the steps was a real treat


The carpet needed a nice approach to the first stair so I installed a 3″ maple strip so the carpet could tuck up to it so it would have to be rolled over the first step.


With the padding off I went around and fixed any squeaks in the floor. We’re still puzzled what the huge liquid stain on the substrate could have been from.

We installed a different type of carpet in the bedrooms called Godfrey Hirst Glen Abbey.


I’ve learned from experience that you need to stick around when guys are installing things in your house so they don’t ding stuff up. In this case, keeping them from rubbing the underside of the carpet along the freshly painted walls.

The child approves


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