Ice Dam Damnation

As luck would have it, right when I was about to spend a solid week of vacation finishing up the stairs, I got sucker punched right in the nuts. The culprit? An ice dam that poured water down the walls and spread mold across a bedroom. What started out as a bit of damp carpet, […]

Stairway – Woodworking

Progress on the main level stairs has been slow, but thorough. With our initial planning wrapped up, we’ve moved on to retrofitting the walls to give a floating appearance for the landings as well as initial progress on the posts and treads. The whole thing will be made out of maple. We have a blend […]

Stack on the projects :: The Bedroom Office

Why start two projects when you can start three?  Why not spice it up and decide to paint the room that looks like a  M.C. Escher nightmare? Why not stack on the fun? And so we did just that. The ultimate kid room with twirly stairs, a loft and a window that looks over the […]

Stack on the projects :: The Second Bath Remodel

It all started with the urge to pull a tiny loose corner of wallpaper next to the shower. Yes, that’s all it took to stack on another project to the Chalet remodel. This rabbit hole could go deep, but let’s start from the beginning shall we?                   […]

Stairway – Demo & Planning

Though the holiday break may provide festivities for you an your family, it more importantly provides you with time to demolish random rooms in your house. And as with any good demo, a plan with some direction must be hatched before you find your self in a dark, dark hole with an angry wife and […]

Stairway to Heaven

The time has come to resurrect the disastrous living room corner that has been painfully stabbing us in the eye for the past year. Remember this? With winter upon us, it’s putting focus back inside the house. The staircase leading up to the second level of our home has a number of flaws which makes it […]

A quilt ladder for modern times

With no lack of wall space and an abundant amount of blankets I took the the task of creating a gigantic quilt ladder for the home. What’s a quilt ladder? It looks like a ladder and you hang quilts from it. Very technical. So here’s the task at hand… build a traditional-modern looking quilt rack […]

LED flex lighting

Here’s a sweet little product to add some lighting fun to your pad… LED Flex lighting. It’s ribbon lighting with an LED light every inch and a half. What’s so rad about it is you can cut it every 3 inches with a pair of scissors. 3M makes this stuff and it can run nearly […]

Starting on the shoji doors

Work on the skyway shoji doors started this week. We’re sticking with the contemporary sliding doors that will work off a track system, however we’ve added to the project with the decision to create framing around the doors that will act as a soffet. So first things first, the framing around the windows was put […]

Fall! Get back here dammit…

With the beginning of winter rapidly closing in, we’ve decided to postpone staining the house until the Spring. That being the case, we finished up removing the slats from the overhang and I’ve tucked everything away so the snow doesn’t pummel it. Thing is, removing the slats was a bit nerve racking when it came […]