Creepy Charlie

For those that didn’t know, this home was pretty much neglected over the past few years that’s led to a large creeping charlie problem in the back yard. In fact, there’s a pretty wide spread neapolitan mix of weeds throughout the entire place. And since it’s been 94 and humid outside (for the past 3 […]

Gazebo Theater

We’re making use of the Gazebo frame that was left behind in the back yard. The original had collapsed under the weight of the snow over winter. Dad and I built a platform for it over the weekend… however it looks more like a dance routine platform at the moment. Next week we’ll attach the […]

The before (with no after) photos.

This is a collection of photos we took of the home while negotiating with the seller. These shots are exactly what we moved into a month later.  As we continue to work on the house, I will be pulling up quite a few of these photos to show you the change that will be happening. […]

And we have arrived!

Hey… we bought a house! What better way to kick off the site then with the first photo we took of the place. Here’s Annie standing in front of the garage before we headed up the stairs.